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Do Six Things for 60 Days and Change Your Life

If you search for “six for 60”, you’ll possibly see one of the most random search results out there. Everything from what is the 6 percent out of 60, to a monthly special of 6 wines for 60 bucks (which is not bad, at all…). But what you won’t find is any information on Rob Dial’s IronMind 60 Challenge, a 60-day program that promises to change your life. 

The IronMind Challenge is a very simple concept. It’s about breaking old patterns and developing those new habits that you envision yourself having. In a not so distant future. 

How many times have you told yourself that this is the last time you are doing THAT thing that doesn’t serve you, that pulls you away from your goals. You keep saying that you’ll put down the carbs, squat yourself to a fine ass, stop being Amazon’s bitch… But Mondays come and go while you sit well inside your comfort zone. 

So Rob promises that for 60 days, you’ll work on “developing new habits to break through your comfort zone and create breakthroughs in your mind and in your life.”

Sounds amazing. The only problem is it started without us. So we’re making ours up because transformation can have whatever start date you give it. So we made it a Wednesday. August 14, 2019 to be exact. 

The Six for 60 Challenge

Here’s what we’ll do: We will do six things for 60 days. Six things that will change our lives. Six for 60. Catchy, right? 

There are pretty generic things like eat healthier and exercise, those are pretty much on everyone’s list. There are others that pull in deeper, the personal ones that stem from years of neglecting certain parts of ourselves. One of mine, for example, is to put myself out there socially once per week because this is something that I feel I need to get out of my current funk. 

How you arrive at those six things is very personal. What my six for 60 are can be very different from yours, they are certainly different than my husband’s. The important thing is that they all come from a strong why, that deep motivational force that can make you get off your ass and carry through this damn thing. 

Once you establish your strong why and outline the six for 60, you need a plan to stay accountable. There’s no point of writing down six things and sticking it in a kitchen drawer, you need to have it front and center, every day. Put something up on your fridge is what I’m saying. 

Because I’ll project manage the hell out of anything, including my own transformative journey, we have a spreadsheet stuck to our fridge in which we can check off each task everyday. You can get it here (create your own copy so you can edit it).  Budding up always helps too. 

We’ll document our journey here and share anything that we think might be useful to others that are looking to do something to create new habits. 

The most important thing is that this journey is yours, make it your own. It’s easier to follow someone else’s guidelines when you’re looking to change, I get that. But it’s also true that you stop doing what doesn’t serve you. So make this serve you, in whatever way that might be. You might want to do five for 50 (though we think that six for 60 has a certain ring to it), pop a balloon with motivational phrases everyday, hire a personal trainer to keep you on track. Whatever works to keep you going. 

I’d also love to hear about your journey so please leave a comment and let me know how it’s going!

Prosper on,